How cardio clear 7 to Burn Belly Fat

There are a cardio clear 7 variety of ways to approach your goal of burning belly fat. One of the best ways is to increase the amount of exercise you get each day. Don’t make the mistake of expecting to lose weight by dieting alone. You need to burn overall fat in order to get the flat, flat stomach you want.

Sit-ups are probably the single most effective way to burn that stubborn fat around your middle. The great thing about sit-ups is there is no need for equipment. You can do them at any level according to the right technique (with or without weights). They are also easy to do anywhere.

According to study conducted by the European Council of Exercise, the average persons warranted activity about 175 minutes every month. However, only about 30 minutes of this is used to burn the fat.

The KEY to this fat burning activity is variety. How many times a day do you choose to do a sit-up? What types of exercises are you doing? How long do you complete the session each day? This is what’s known as interval training.

Interval training is training within short intervals of time (30 to 90 seconds) varying from period of low activity to periods of high activity. By doing this you get both the calorie burn and the fat burning benefit you need in your workout.

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The easiest intervals to set up are those with a s nicely controlled mainly in the up and down movement (such as a walking pace) followed by a brief rest before returning to the high activity again. These can be done using an exercise or a pair of dumbbells of various weights.

You might want to do 90 seconds of the high activity followed by 90 seconds of low activity repeated 5 or even 10 times. After doing this a couple of times, you’ll get familiar with the rhythm.

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One other option you might want to explore is with the use of exercise videos. There are a multitude of these on the market in the right level of difficulty to suit your level of fitness.

They will not give you as fast a fat burning effect, but they can be a great way to lose overall fat much quicker than traditional slow cardio. Additionally these sessions tend to be a lot longer as well – allowing you to burn more calories with the same workout.

Remember to mix up your workouts too so you’re burning fat for over three hours. Anything less and it will be tough to strip that fat away with as much effort.

Remember not to be afraid of exercising. You are starting to remove fat from your body. You only need to get the heart rate up for a few minutes each day and keep it there. Don’t overdo it, but don’t starve yourself either.

It will be a good idea to ask advice from a doctor before taking up interval training. You may already have high blood pressure, irregular heart beat or heart disease.

There’s no need to start off cardio clear 7 website with high impact exercises immediately. Be smart and get your doctor’s advice on “what you need to start with”. Don’t start off with a 15 minute jog. Even walking for 15 minutes a day can be enough to get you started with baby steps faster than if you jump on the treadmill. Instead, start by going for 30 minutes of fast paced walking three times a week followed by 15 minutes of slow walking.

After the third week you should start pushing yourself with intervals with both high and low impact activities. After the second week you can start doing some light weights to build muscle.

By starting off slow and easy you’ll be getting the most out of your workout. That’s the key – consistently. As you work your way up to interval training one of the best ways to stimulate your metabolism – the fat burning hormone – you’ll find the pounds melting away.

The end result of working hard and eating well will give you a trim, lean, energetic body that you can feel comfortable in and impress your family and friends.